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Is your GST return "Healthy"? 

  • Do you submit the GST-03 return free from doubt?

  • Do you understand and comply with the recent changes in GST?

  • Do you check and reconcile the GST-03 return prior to submission?

If your answer is no, it is time to conduct a health check on your GST-03 return.

Who are we?

KTP VAT Services PLT, 3 GST tax agents approved by Ministry of Finance and another 2 qualified consultants attended 10 days compulsory GST courses organised by Royal Custom Malaysia, offer GST review services in assisting your doubt on GST-03 return matter.

What you can expect?

  • A summary report of our review and reconciliation between GST-03 return and management account

  • Suggestion on correction of error in the GST-03 return