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Real case publication on Transfer Pricing Documentation


We have developed this publication to assist you in understanding the process and timeline involved for the above documentation. This publication provides illustration of some key processes that we hope will be a useful guide.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has issued Transfer Pricing Guidelines 2012 in July 2012. Effective from Year of Assessment 2014, a company has to indicate whether Transfer Pricing Documentation prepared in Tax Return (Form C).

Case Information

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.53.31 PM.png

Customer Review

UV Sdn Bhd is engaged in the processing of metal and metal strips.


  • Initial meeting for discussion on scope of work.

  • Quotation and engagement letter is signed.

  • Obtain documents and information from company.

  • Obtain evidence and fact finding on area covered through enquiry, analysis, observation, inspection of documents and re-performance of procedures.

  • Overview of group, company, micro and macroeconomic.

  • Analysis of Function, Risk and Asset Employed.

  • Selection of methodology of transfer pricing.

  • Search for comparables.

  • Compilation of information for preparation of report.

  • Issue draft report on work done for customer comment and discussion.

  • Issue final report on Transfer Pricing Documentation.

Time Frame

5 months (From November 2014 to March 2015)


Transfer Pricing Documentation is done and comparable Solution show that the profit margin of the company is consistent with the Results.