eKTP 12

Real case study on appeal to reduce GST compound


We have developed this publication to assist you in understanding the process and timeline involved for the above appealing. This publication provides illustration of some key processes that we hope will be a useful guide. 

Customer Review

QR Sdn Bhd is engaged in mini market operator. 


  • Royal Malaysia Custom (RMC) issued a compound letter amounting to RM15,000.00 due to late registration.

  • Appeal to RMC Director General to waive or reduce the compound

  • Attend a session of interrogation together with client at RMC Sg. Pulai in investigate the ground and reason of appeal

  • Finalise the appeal by the RMC

  • RMC issued letter to reduce the compound from RM15,000 to RM5,000 together with payment slip.

  • Make payment at bank counter after receive RMC letter and payment slip.

Time Frame

A year from the date of compound letter. 


Compound amount successfully reduce.