eKTP 13

Real case study on voluntary GST registration


We have developed this publication to assist you in understanding the process and timeline involved for the above application. This publication provides illustration of some key processes that we hope will be a useful guide.

Customer Review

WZ Sdn Bhd is newly incorporate company and engaged in trading of varnish and paint.


  • Quotation and engagement letter is signed

  • Fill in the checklist on the require information and documentation together with working to determine the amount of taxable supply according to client revenue and subsequently determine the effective date of registration

  • Apply and submit the GST registration by enter the information at Royal Malaysia Custom (RMC) Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) online system

  • Print the acknowledgement copy with acknowledgement receipt number and confirmation code issued by RMC upon completion of submission

  • Check application status at TAP after 1 week from the date of submission and still under processing.

  • Check with RMC on any pending issue and notify client on additional information and document required as per RMC checklist

  • Reply to RMC and follow up on registration approval

  • Update client the status of approval with GST number

  • Initial activation of TAP account by log in User ID, enter the temporary password and “kod kebenaran” given by RMC

  • Change password in the TAP

  • Start using the TAP on the available features and function especially return form (GST-03)

Time Frame

1 month.


Obtain GST Registration Number.