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Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS)
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The Employment Insurance System (EIS) which come effect 1st January 2018.


Procedure for Contribution

a) Beginning February 2018, employers may use ID that is provided to log in to the PERKESO ASSIST PORTAL to complete the details of the contribution schedule by using the format at provided in the said portal.

b) Employer may also upload the contribution schedule details, an automatic Employment Insurance System Contribution Received (ECR) confirmation will be generated as reference for subsequent payment of contribution either through online via PERKESO ASSIST PORTAL, Collection Bank or PERKESO office.

c) Employers may also upload the contribution details by textfile in the prescribed format as determined by PERKESO.

d) Employer are reminded that without the ECR confirmation, employers cannot make contribution payment because the ECR is the direct link between the contribution schedule and the payment of the contribution.

e) Employers may also make contribution payment and complete the contribution schedule through online internet banking through the appointed Banks.

f) Employers who wish to pay by cheque, postal order or money order are reminded to ensure the following details are compiled:

i) Dated currently or within validity period.
ii) Payment issued in the name of the “Ketua Eksekutif Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial or Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial or PERKESO”.
iii) The payment sum in numbers and words are matching.
iv) It is properly signed and there are no amendments on the medium of payment.

g) The submission of the contribution schedule through the PERKESO ASSIST PORTAL and contribution payment for EIS using the ECR payment method is effective from the month of February 2018.Employers thereafter are no longer allowed to physically present the contribution payment schedule at the appointed banks and PERKESO offices.


Employer Duty to Keep Returns (Sec 78 (1) the Act)

Every employer shall maintain a register in respect of every employee which shall contain the following particulars :

a) Name of employee
b) Identity card number
c) Occupation
d) Total monthly contribution
e) Employee’s share of contribution
f) Employer’s share of contribution
g) Monthly wages
h) Monthly allowances

Interim Re-Employment Placement Program (IREPP) 2018

a) IREPP 2018 may provide an employee who is an EIS contributor with loss of employment.

(LOE) the Interim Assistance Benefits as follows:
• Interim payment
• Assistance in participation of IREEP activities e.g career workshop and,
• Increase the employability through training program.

b) Criteria for Interim Assistance to an EIS contributor with loss of employment (LOE):

• To submit claim within 30days of loss employment (LOE)
• Shall be able to work, available to work and actively seeking work.
• Shall participate in the IREEP Program and job placement. For example  attend job interviews, counselling, trainings, job searches.
• To register with IREEP Program within 7 days from date to be fixed by    SOCSO.

c) Interim Assistance

• The amount of RM600.00 a month to be paid within 14 days from date of registration for a period of 3 months only.

i) Further payment of RM600.00 to be paid 30 days thereafter.


Please visit PERKESO website for further details:

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