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Single Director Company
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Companies Act 2016 (“CA2016”) – Single Director Company

With the enforcement of CA2016, the incorporation of company process has been simplified to reduce the cost and time of doing business in Malaysia and the incorporation process are as follows:


1. Application for company name reservation  

The company name has to be approved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia before use. With the introduction of MyCOID system, we could get the result within 1 working day.


2. Once the name approved by CCM, submit the incorporation application by providing the following thru supper form via MyCOID system together with a fee:   

  • whether the company is private or public;

  • the nature of business of the company (notwithstanding, a company will not be limited to only this business);

  • name, nationality and place of residence of the member, director and secretary;

  • the class(es) and number of shares taken by members.

* Director would need to make a declaration that he / she:

  • must ordinarily reside in Malaysia by having a principal place of residence in Malaysia; and

  • is not a bankrupt, and has not been convicted for any of the offences prescribed under the new Act.

3. Once approved, a notice of approval and registration will be issued. This ‘notice of registration’ will be conclusive evidence of incorporation, and there will not be a ‘certificate of incorporation’ issued unless this is applied for separately. 


4. Company incorporated and you may start your business.