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IRB Special Program For Voluntary Disclosure
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Which year are eligible for voluntary disclosure ? How to do? 


Which year of assessment can voluntary disclosure be made?

Voluntary disclosure can be made for income and gains from disposal of asset for the year of assessment 2017 and preceding years of assessment as well as instruments not stamped after six (6) months from the stamping period.

Time bar

Any income reported under voluntary disclosure will be assessed based on the year of assessment the income is received / receivable. However, where the year to which the income relates cannot be verified, the reporting of the income in the year of assessment 2017 may be allowed.

Voluntary disclosure procedures

Steps for voluntary disclosure procedures

  1. Taxpayers who are not registered with the IRBM have to firstly register for an income tax reference number and thereafter submit the ITRF/ PRF/ RPGTRF for the relevant years of assessment.

  2. Taxpayers who are registered with but have not submitted the ITRF / PRF / RPGTRF are required to submit the ITRF / PRF / RPGTRF for the relevant year of assessment.

  3. Taxpayers who have submitted the ITRF / PRF / RPGTRF but have not reported the correct income / profit on disposal of asset(s) for any year of assessment can make voluntary disclosure in writing or via e-mail.

Steps for taxpayers to obtain an income tax registration number 

  1. At all service counters (Headquarter / Branch/Revenue Service Centre/ Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)/ Information Processing Centre) - Taxpayers must furnish identification documents and other relevant documents (please refer to IRBM’s official website); or

  2. Online via e-Daftar - For companies and individuals only.
    For those Company has yet to prepared the audited report, they can make voluntary disclosure based on the Management Accounts. However, if after the Management Account is being audited and there is an additional tax, the taxpayers should report the difference to IRBM. The IRBM will raise additional assessment with penalties based on the penalty rate offered in accordance with the voluntary disclosure period that has been made.

    Reference: http://lampiran1.hasil.gov.my/pdf/pdfam/FAQVD_BI_01022019.pdf