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Withholding Tax In Malaysia
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What is the Withholding Tax?

  • A mechanism to collect tax from non-resident

  • For certain prescribed income which is derived from Malaysia.

  • Standard rates based on type of income. May be reduced under Double Taxation Agreement. (“DTA”)

  • The payer is responsible to deduct the WHT. Hence, penalty for non-compliance is on the payer.

Relevant sections of ITA 1967 in relation to WHT

  • Special class of income chargeable to tax.

  • Derivation of special classes of income.

  • Deduction of tax from contract payment.

  • Deduction of tax from interest or royalty in certain cases.

  • Application of section 109 and 110 to income derived by a public entertainer.

  • Deduction of tax from special classes of income derived from Malaysia.

  • Deduction of tax from gains or profits derived from Malaysia.

Applicability of WHT

1. Payment to non-resident → NO

2. Scope of WHT → Not recovered under ITA

3. Derivation of income → Not derived from Malaysia

4. Specific exemption / DTA relief → Full exemption

No WHT Payment required if any one of 1 to 4 above are true.

WHT Payment required if none of the above are applied.